“Power Flushing”, “Jet Flushing” & “Hard Flushing” are all expressions used in the heating trade to describe the process by which heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water at high velocity but low pressure – so that no physical damage is caused to the system.

A large amount of boilers break down due to dirty water and sludge within the boiler system. If dirty water and sludge have built up in your central heating system the efficiency of your boiler and heating will lessen greatly.

Having a central heating power flush done is an effective way of getting everything back up and running.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a cleansing process that removes sludge from your central heating system. A build up of rust or debris in pipes can cause serious problems for the efficiency of your heating.

It is a fact that over time unwanted dirt builds up in pipes, radiators and boilers. This build up leads to less heat being emitted. In serious cases they can even cause breakdowns.

A power flush uses powerful chemicals and water at high velocity to remove these deposits and eliminate any associated issues.  Once this is done it will be like your radiators and boilers are as good as new.

What Are Signs You Need A Power Flush?

Below are some of the most common reasons why you might need a power flush for your central heating system. It is always wise to get a second opinion from a gas safe registered engineer before you get any work done.

  • Noise is coming from your boiler or radiators
  • Your radiator keeps leaking
  • Cold patches or radiators that don’t heat up fully
  • Your boiler cuts out regularly or needs to be restarted
  • Excessive noise is coming from your boiler or heating system pump
  • It takes longer for your central heating system to warm up
  • Cloudy tap water
  • Discoloured water when bleeding radiators
  • Certain radiators aren’t heating up even when the heating is on
  • Sludge in feed and expansion tank

It is recommended to have a power flush on your whole central heating system when you plan on having a new boiler replacement installed. This is due to the fact any existing contaminants in the heating system can damage the framework of a new boiler.

A power flush to your central heating system is recommended every 5-6 years. If you think your home heating system is in need of a power flush then give Gas Safe Engineering Ltd a call on 01 969 5219. Alternatively you can email them through info@gassafe.ie.