There are many reasons why you might need a new attic water tank fitted. One of the most common reasons is that your attic tank is no longer safe to use. This is particularly the case for older houses.

If your attic water tank is leaking or broken and it needs replacement our team of qualified plumbers are at hand. We will diagnose and rectify any fault, fitting a new attic tank into your home if needs be.

We highly recommend fitting a new attic tank as old tanks can corrode and contaminate the water supply within your home. Think metal pieces, rust or dust contaminating the water supply. An attic tank that is rusting and having an increased risk of leaking won’t only affect your water supply, it could bring the whole ceiling below down. Watch out for those dirty brown water stains above and if you see them contact us immediately.

To get your new attic water tank fitted fill out our contact form or phone Gas Safe Ltd on 01 969 5219.