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How Often Should I Service my Gas Boiler?

  • Regularly servicing your gas boiler ensures that it’s operating efficiently. A regular gas boiler service maintains the efficiency of your gas boiler, makes it more environmentally friendly and as a result, cheaper to run. In fact, by servicing your boiler every year, you could save up to €150 off your annual heating bill.
  • Efficiency is not the only benefit however. The safety aspect is even more critical, as having a fully serviced gas boiler reduces the risk of the poisonous gas Carbon Monoxide seeping out into your home.
  • Servicing your gas boiler annually, also allows you to catch any problems with your boiler, before they escalate into costly repairs. Thereby, saving you money in the long run.

Who Should Service My Gas Boiler?

It is illegal for anyone other than a Registered Gas Installer to service your boiler.

Only a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) will have the required competency and experience to adequately set up, repair and service your gas appliances. The RGI is also the only one qualified to check if your boiler is correctly installed and operating in a suitable environment.

What’s included in my Gas Boiler Service?

Gas Safe Engineering Ltd, offers a comprehensive gas boiler service to its customers. Our experienced Registered Gas Installers carry out a number of tests to ensure your appliance is operating safely and efficiently. These tests may vary depending on the model of your appliance, but include the following:

  • Visual checks of flue ways and terminal
  • Flue flow tests
  • Spillage tests
  • Combustion air requirements confirmed and checked
  • Gas rates for appliance
  • Standing pressures
  • Working pressure at the appliance
  • Working pressure at the meter
  • Integrity of overall installation (gas tightness test)
  • Checks against all relevant standards and regulations (IS 813)
  • Flame picture during operation
  • Checks of safety devices
  • Cleaning of fan assembly/burner assembly/heat exchanger
  • Check on pilot injectors and where necessary cleaning/changing
  • Check of Seals
  • Flue gas analysis
  • RGII Cert on completion
  • Tagging of boiler with service date & information
  • All work carried out by Gas Safe Engineering Ltd is done by RGII Approved Gas Installers in compliance with all Irish Standards and Health and Safety regulations.

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