The modern lifestyle is completely reliant on access to energy. Whether it’s electricity, central heating, or hot water, we would be lost without them. A modern system with a new gas boiler has more advantages than you might initially think, although they make a dent in your wallet, most people believe the benefits outweigh the cost. We’ve provided some insight to the main benefits below. We hope you’ll agree the cost of a new gas boiler is more than justified by them.

Improved performance and efficiency

Whatever type of boiler you have, a new gas boiler will deal with all your needs in a quicker more efficient way. A gas boiler can account for more than 50% of a home’s energy bills throughout the year. If your boiler is old, then the difference in your utility bills could represent hundreds of euros in savings.

Modern boilers are not just considerably more efficient, they are also designed for our increasing needs. They provide higher levels of convenience that’s better suited to the modern lifestyle. They also make the most of the newest technology, from user friendly programmable thermostats to mobile phone apps.

Peace of mind comes as standard with new gas boilers

As with any system or appliance, the newer it is the more reliable it should be. An older heating system with an aging gas boiler is more likely to break down and cost you money, as well as leave you without heating and hot water. A new system will come with a full warranty and provide you with peace of mind.

Many new systems also have the ability to notify you of potential problems before they turn in to a costly and inconvenient issue. Some provide you with fault codes while others will simply tell you when you need an engineer.

Make savings for many years to come

Many new gas boilers come with 10-year warranties from the manufacturer as well as a comprehensive 5-year parts and labour warranty, so you can rest assured they are confident they will keep running for many years to come. When the savings can be as much as 25% and run into several hundreds of euros per year, a new gas boiler quickly pays for itself, and you get to enjoy all the benefits of a modern system. You will also save money on maintenance and repairs, as old gas boilers need more repairs and maintenance to keep them running.

Using less energy is also better for the environment. As an increasing number of homes are fitted with more energy efficient gas boilers and appliances the cumulative environmental benefit is huge. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) say that a gas boilers efficiency drops an average of 60% once it’s 15-years old.

Currently, a German brand called Viessmann produce some of the best gas boilers on the market. You can expect 98% efficiency and may also qualify for a grant from the SEAI to help with the upgrade to a more environmentally friendly system.

New gas boilers increase your level of control

Having an increased level of control on individual radiators fitted with Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), room thermostats, and a main heating controller has many benefits. It increases the comfort of everyone in your home, from room to room. Many people prefer to have their bedroom slightly cooler than the living areas. TRVs allow you to set a comfortable temperature, which the radiator will them automatically regulate by setting its own temperature and turning itself on and off as needed. Your main thermostat can then control the overall heating system, only calling on your boiler when it’s needed.

In real terms, this translates to a more comfortable and happier home. When this is combined with the peace of mind a new system brings, these benefits alone make new gas boilers worth seriously considering.

Less intrusive in every way

New gas boilers are made of improved materials and with systems that have evolved since your old boiler was installed. This means they are now more compact than previous models, which can be a great help if you’re working within a smaller space. If you currently have a hot water cylinder taking up a large amount of space in your home, then a new combi boiler can remove the need for the water tank, freeing up even more space.

As well as saving you space, a new gas boiler can also be a lot less intrusive when it’s running. The evolution of the materials and technology used means they run a lot quieter than older boilers that have grown inefficient and clunky over the years.

Are you eligible for grants?

If your home was built before 2006 you may be eligible for a grant to help with the costs of upgrading. There is a 600 euro grant just for upgrading your heating controls. If you qualify for this grant you will also be entitled to a further 700 euros towards the cost of a new more efficient oil or gas boiler. These can represent a substantial saving when you’re replacing your old system for a new one.

Improve your homes Building Energy Rating (BER)

The ongoing costs of ownership are at the forefront of people’s minds. All appliances have energy efficiency ratings that must be displayed when being sold, and homes also have a similar rating to give potential buyers an idea about the likely running costs of a property. This is known as the Building Energy Rating (BER). The better your homes rating the more desirable it will be to potential buyers.

Avoid disaster by using professionals

Getting a gas boiler installation performed by unqualified or inexperienced fitters can be disastrous. Not only can it prove expensive when any mistakes need to be rectified, but at best it’s inconvenient, and at worst dangerous. An experienced and registered installer will also select the best boiler for your home, ensuring optimal efficiency for the required capacity. Don’t take any chances with such an integral part of your daily life, contact GasSafe Engineering today.