Regularly servicing your boiler is not only more environmentally friendly but a lot safer for you and your household. A gas boiler service ensures everything is ticking over correctly and working to maximum efficiency, thus, saving money in the long run and avoiding break downs.


Winter, in particular, is the time when you need your gas boiler the most. After the summer months, your boiler is switched on following a long period of inactivity. If your gas boiler is not serviced on a regular basis this could be a struggle.


A Gas Boiler Service Is Safer

The ultimate concern of a gas boiler service is ensuring safety for you and your family. The experts will be able to determine if there are any gas leaks or presence of carbon monoxide, the silent and odourless killer.

When your gas boiler is serviced there are a number of thorough tests carried out by a registered gas installer. You can find out about what exactly a gas boiler service entails here.


A Gas Boiler Service Helps With Saving Money

A part of the service is checking whether or not your boiler is burning gas efficiently. A boiler going through more gas than it’s supposed to be is going to cost more money.

With the service, your boiler will be adjusted if this scenario is the case. By having a gas boiler service once a year you could save up to €150 off your annual heating bill.


A Boiler That’s Serviced Lasts Longer

The standard gas boiler in Dublin can start from anywhere at €1500 to over €2000 to replace. Then you have to consider installation costs on top of that.

Regularly servicing your boiler makes it last longer. It is advised to get your boiler checked on an annual basis to reduce wear and tear over time and keep it in good working condition.


Lessens The Risk Of Break Downs

A gas boiler service cannot prevent a breakdown, what it can do, however, is spot the signs early on for any malfunction. Don’t leave it too late for a breakdown to happen. Save money in the long run, a lot of hassle and make your home safer by getting a registered gas installer to look into it.


Gas Boiler Service Dublin

When you need a gas boiler service in Dublin our team of fully qualified and registered gas installers are always at hand to provide you with the most thorough of services. Ensure your gas boiler is working to maximum efficiency to prevent breakdowns.

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