All heating appliances require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure everything is working smoothly but above all else, ensuring everything is safe. Safety must be the priority.

Always use registered engineers to provide your oil boiler service. They are the only one’s who are qualified under law in checking your oil boiler is installed correctly.

Service Your Oil Boiler Once A Year, Says Experts

According to experts, including the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), ideally you should be investing in an oil boiler service annually.

For a boiler to last the standard amount of time (15 years) or longer, an annual service is vital. This could prevent the need for costly repair works along the way which your wallet won’t thank you for. Small issues can become larger and cost you more money if gone unnoticed and unchecked.

An older boiler is more susceptible to producing carbon monoxide if not serviced regularly. Known as the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is ouderless and invisible so you won’t realise anything is out of the ordinary. It’s also highly poisonous, making it highly dangerous. High levels of carbon monoxide exposure can lead to loss of consciousness, coma and death.

What’s Included In Oil Boiler Service

Some of the works carried out with an oil boiler service include:

  • Checks for water leaks in and around your oil boiler
  • Ensuring there are no oil leaks
  • Checking for appropriately positioned carbon monoxide alarms
  • Full flue gas analysis
  • Cleaning of fan assembly/burner assembly/heat exchanger
  • Overall inspection of oil boiler key components

Signs You Need An Oil Boiler Service

Ok, so we have covered advice from the experts and what’s involved but how do you know you may need an oil boiler service? If your oil boiler is making strange noises then signs point to you need an oil boiler service.

Often due to wear and tear, an oil boiler will make loud noises that are uncommon with a standard working boiler. If this is the case then it is advisable to get an oil boiler service quickly.

Smell something off? A strange odour emitting from your oil boiler can mean an oil leak. If left unchecked carbon monoxide poisoning could occur.

A warning sign you need an oil boiler service is your home stays cold even with the heating on and your radiators are in working order.

Don’t leave it too late though for the signs to show, keep on top of things by having a regular oil boiler service to prevent the worst from happening.

Choosing The Right Oil Boiler Service Provider

One of Ireland’s leading oil boiler service providers, Gas Safe is dedicated to making your homes safer and put your mind at ease.

We are proud members of the Gas Safety Supervisory Body of Ireland (Register of Gas Installers of Ireland). Our fully qualified engineers are at hand so call us today and ensure a safer and happier home for all!